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A Little Something for Busy Scrappers… November 24, 2008

Filed under: Mini Albums — Kathi @ 8:19 am

Yesterday I showed you my 25 Days of Christmas album.  Well, after I created the album, I still had half sheets of all the papers I used.  So I thought for a minute and said to myself, “I’ll just make another album and give it away as a RAK on my blog.”  That’s exactly what I did.  I already had all of the supplies out, so I was able to create this album quickly.  The covers are black mat board.  And I’m calling it 97% Complete – why?  You’ll need to add numbers to the pages, but I suspect you have a lot of numbers in your American Crafts Thickers just like I do.  You’ll also need to supply your own 2″ binder rings.  If I happen to get out and buy mine before I mail this album off, I’ll supply them.  The rings shown are not included and they are too small anyway.

So, what are you getting.  A 6×8 album complete with 25 pages including transparent pages, trading card page protector, a bingo card, embossed felt, an envelope – refer to my post below to see details.  Yes, I even hand cut some of the pages in shapes.  I’m also throwing in some Making Memories die cuts and tags, American Crafts ribbon for the binder rings, and some numbers cut from Making Memories pattern paper.  I used a few of the numbers in my album as well.

So what do you have to do to receive this album?  Of course, commit to taking photos every day starting December 1 through December 25.  Because if you win this RAK, you’ll want to actually finish this album, right?  And, oh yeah, leave me a comment and tell me about a holiday tradition of yours.  If it’s your first time leaving me a comment, I have to approve it – but no worries, it will show up eventually.

I’ll mail this to any winner in the USA.  I’ll choose a random winner from comments left on this post on Thursday, Nov 27, in the AM EST.  And I’d like to get this in the mail on Friday or Saturday, so be sure to check back to see if you win.

Updated:  Canadian ladies – I don’t know how much shipping is to Canada, but if it’s not too much more I’m happy to do it.


27 Responses to “A Little Something for Busy Scrappers…”

  1. Jessica Says:

    First, incredible give away! That is just adorable!

    Some holiday traditions of mine: opening gifts Christmas eve, having Prime Rib for Christmas eve dinner, and I have the coolest handmade felt applique Christmas stocking that I love seeing each year 🙂


  2. tara thynne Says:

    That is so sweet of you to do this Kathi. You are going to make someone very happy indeed. (alas… not me. I’m in Canada.)
    My favorite tradition at Christmas is making pancakes on Chritsmas morning. We take the time to have a nice family breakfast before the craziness begins. We’ll open our stockings and then have family time before we start with the presents. My kids are so good. 🙂

  3. stampomaticmama Says:

    this is wonderful, thanks for the insperation i will be doing my little book too.

  4. stampomaticmama Says:

    one of my own traditons is i alway cook our bigg dinner on christmas eve not on christmas day.. i hate being in the kiychen whail everyone is haveing fun with their gifts, or running back and forth so many years ago i cooked on the eve and have every since, so on christmas morning i can bust out all the leftover spread them out on the talbe and anyone can eat ehat they want thoughout the day.. it’s thebest tradiotion i ever came up with

  5. Peggy Says:

    this is adorable! such pretty colors/papers and a sweeeeet give-away.

    Our tradition is Church on Christmas eve, soup supper and open one gift. Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

  6. Tammydee Says:

    Hi Kathi,

    What a great RAK. I would love to share one of our family holiday traditions with you! Every Christmas Eve my mother makes Dungeness Crab baked in a homemade BBQ sauce. This recipe has been handed down in my family for several generations and originated in the coastal region of South Africa. It doesn’t sound like a traditional Christmas family meal but it sure is yummy. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

  7. Krissy Says:

    What a great give-a-way! You are so freaking talented! I wish I had a 1/4 of it!!

    On of my favorite traditions is Christmas Eve. We always let the kids open ONE gift for Christmas Eve. It’s what I was allowed to do when I was a kid as well. When I was living with my Aunt, we always had a Swedish smorgasbord on Christmas Eve as my Uncle was Swedish….I truly miss that, but I have NO idea how to cook their food LOL….

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Eva Says:

    OK, so I came to check your blog out since I saw your post, and I wasn’t going to post my comment at first, as I was thinking, I am not going to do this, but you know, after seeing your project below, it got me thinking, this is a great idea to journal our December and my son will be home on the 17th, so I will be taking pictures of him at least for 8 days of it, so that will be special. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  9. Ginni Gass Says:

    Kathi, how sweet of you! I LOVE your album! And the pic a day idea is awesome too!

    We also have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve that comes from my side of the family. Our other tradition from DH’s side is that they have to have something to shoot. One year it was very ripe grapefruits from our tree that they had a “battle” with in a field behind our house. What a mess that was! Last year it was Nerf guns that were about 8 inches long and about 3 inches wide. I’m STILL finding “bullets” all over the place! Ah the joys of having boys! 🙂

  10. gloria johnston Says:

    Hi Kathy

    this is gumby85 or gloria from ts and sbd. what a fun rak your giving away.

    My birthday is on christmas day so my family has a tradition that christmas morning is all about christmas then about 3 oclock that afternoon becomes my birthday. My mother always wanted my birthday to be special and not get mixed up with all the christmas happenings. when I was born they brought a cake home with a santa sleigh on it and every year my cake pie or sweet of choice has that sleigh on it somewhere. last year I lost the sleigh right after christmas and was so upset, but just this past week I found it, so the tradition will not be broken. I will be 42 this year and I appreciate that my mother still recognizes my special day.

  11. JJ Sobey Says:

    What a fantastic book! So sweet of you to offer this as a RAK! I wish I was eligible to win (I live in Canada… hmm… I’d offer to pay shipping!!)

  12. theresa Says:

    What a great idea! Perfect for a busy mom like me!

    One of my favorite traditions is breakfast with my family on Christmas morning. We get up early and all gather at my brother’s house. He makes scrambled eggs and leftover ham. We open presents one at a time and enjoy each other’s company. :o)

  13. Heather Lough Says:

    How awesome are you, Kathi? That would be so wonderful to win this. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about making an album. Very generous RAK. One of our many holiday traditions is to go to our church’s Christmas Eve all family service–it’s a quick 1/2 hour with singing lots of Christmas songs and a short message so the kids don’t all lose it. Then we go out and look at Christmas lights–one house in particular that covers the entire house in lights and other stuff and then we come home and do the whole cookies for Santa thing. The kids are always so excited.

  14. Michele-dances Says:

    Wow! what an incredible RAK!!!

    And you know what, I think I will start a NEW tradition, of taking pictures everyday till the holiday anyway, even if I don’t get the rak myself. 🙂

    I do a lot of traditions, like others… opening a gift on the eve. the boys getting nerf guns here too. special dinners/breakfasts.

    But my own personal tradition that I like to do most is to lay down under the tree with the room lights off… just the tree lights on, and look up into the sparkly glowing tree from below. I did this as a kid and I still enjoy doing it. I think this year I’m going to try to capture it in a photo, to see if it will look as good on paper as it does to my eyes. 🙂

  15. Lisa Watson Says:

    That album is FANTASTIC!!! What an awesome RAK!! You are so sweet!

    The only real tradition we have is we spend xmas eve by ourselves and open presents in the evening after dinner.

  16. Shelley Orenstein Says:

    What a wonderful RAK for someoone to get. I do not celebrate Christmas, but we do have some special traditions for Chanukah. I always make Latkes. When my DS birthday falls on the holiday, we make a special fuss over his birthday and almost forget about the holiday.

  17. Julie Says:

    Wow, Kathi!! What an awesome rak! I would love it! For a holiday tradition…we read the Christmas story from the bible every Christmas eve and the girls each get to open one gift along with some new jammies.

  18. Kari Says:

    Kathi, what a nice idea… this year will be extra special in the month of December, with having our first home to celebrate Christmas in! Now for a tradition…. hmmm…. hubby and I are just starting to develop our own traditions, but we always have a mini celebration with just the two of us before we gather with his family, so we have time to enjoy the holiday our selves… and each year he gets the hallmark train ornaments from me (and his grandma… who we don’t have the heart to tell that I get them for him…)

  19. rebecca k Says:

    What an awesome RAk!!!! oooh… pick me! pick me!!

    Ok, so a tradition… hmm… which one… ok, let’s see… each year we do an advent wreath. Each night starting the first night of advent, we light a candle and read a devotional and discuss it. Also we read gradually throughout advent a book called JOtham’s Journey. its AMAZING! the kids love it, its very suspenseful!

  20. Laura C Says:

    My mom always reads us _The Night Before Christmas_ on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the super RAK — the book is beautiful!

  21. Katie Says:

    Kathi, this is so awesome!! I’ve been dying to do one of these, but have had so little scrappy time with the holidays coming up.

    One of my favorite traditions is getting a live tree every year on December 14th. It’s late, but it’s my birthday and we’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. 🙂

  22. Anne Marie B Says:

    How very nice of you and what a fabulous mini book. I love to be with my family at Christmas and we usually buy lots of finger foods and eat all day. Yum Yum

  23. Laura Says:

    You are so uber talented and sweet!

    As for a tradition….every year my dad comes over and makes sugar cookies with our boys…..just like he did with me when I was little!

    ps – you have been given an award…check out my blog!

  24. Rebecca Says:

    What a beautiful album! Our family tradition is to have mexican food on Christmas day. Heaven forbid we have turkey or ham…the cousins and neices and nephews come prepared for sour cream enchiladas and tacos in homemade taco shells!

  25. JJ Sobey Says:

    I forgot to tell about a fav tradition!

    On Christmas eve, after the church service, we always have a bit of an open house at my parents. Friends and family drop in throughout the evening for a cup of tea and a chat I love it because usually everyone’s too busy to do that on Christmas day.

  26. Sandy Horton Says:

    Kathi, What a nice RAK!! Someone will be very lucky.
    Our Christmas tradition is to have saurkraut at Christmas dinner. I know, sounds crazy, but it really is a nice diversion from all those starches.

  27. Colleen Says:

    Left you a little something on my blog!

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